They said it...

Rob Patterson‎ - former Professional Baseball player (Toronto Blue Jays system)  

"This guy is a pro! He set up a 21 day Dad bod challenge for six, 40 something year olds. We all had amazing results. I am down to 207 pounds (from 215) I feel stronger. I feel lighter. I can tell my tummy has gotten smaller :) After living such a sedentary life style since my kids were born I now have more energy to keep moving foward! If you are looking for a trainer Dave Hatch is the guy. He is well educated. He is exciting. He is awesome! Thanks so much Dave for getting me back on track!! "

Jo P., CMS January 15, 2018,

Dave is one of the most passionate and inspiring fitness instructors/personal trainers I have ever met. He tailors your workout to push you through plateaus and keep you motivated without complex moves. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious and always made working out enjoyable. He is extremely knowledgeable in many facets of health and wellness so I always felt confident seeking his advice and implementing recommendations.

Darryl Reid – Great Britain National Baseball Team (World Baseball Classic)  

"Started at 272, after 21 days I am 261. I kicked a pretty intense energy drink and Coca-Cola habit and just focused on drinking water. A long way to go still but...big thanks to Dave Hatch. Will hopefully lead to 365 days of health with the odd beer with buds!"

Paul M. (Director) January 12, 2018 David is an exceptional trainer who is plans and executes very well. He makes things fun yet challenging for everyone. As a personal trainer David is very strong, and has helped me train for the Boston Marathon. He recognized my weaknesses and gave me a perfect plan of action to keep motivated. David follows up on a regular basis. Also worth mentioning that he has a great predisposition at all times.

Jean W Associate Manager January 15, 2018 I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Dave Hatch who is the most professional and dedicated personal trainer. Whether you’re slimming down or trying to recover from a personal injury, Dave has the background and the commitment to help you succeed. He has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining individual abilities. Dave not only understands the science of personal training, he also understands the science of motivation. When you feel you can’t keep going, Dave will get you there, with a SMILE! His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to work with his clients at their own levels. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. I can recommend him highly without any reservations.

Damon Kazlovskis - Claims Specialist, Golfer, SUPERDAD.  

"Loved the challenge. Lots of love and motivation. My body feels good getting back into the routine and I'll keep that going (along with the smoothies!). Lots of motivation, and, I loved the exercise videos you used to demonstrate. Good stuff Dave!"